How to cook artichoke

For many, they are the most beautiful vegetables in the world! Artichokes, because we are talking about them, are not only very charming, but also healthy, nutritious and tasty. However, their preparation may cause some problems. See how to prepare artichokes and what recipes you can conjure up from them.

What does an artichoke taste like?

It is tart-bitter, slightly nutty. The tastiest are small, young artichokes. After cooking, we eat them leaf by leaf until we reach the bottom, i.e. the artichoke’s heart. It is the most delicate and the best part of it.

Artichoke cooking

How to prepare artichokes?

Warning! During the pre-treatment, the prepared artichokes should be placed in a bowl with water or vinegar acidified so that they do not darken.

An ideal artichoke should be heavy, with compact leaves that make a creaky sound when squeezed. The first issue is peeling an artichoke. At first, cut off the stem over the base. Then cut off the outer, hard leaves and the tips of those that remained 1/3 of the height. Finally, cut the artichoke in half and remove the inedible leaves.

How to cook artichokes?

Dip artichokes whole in water. It should be remembered that there should be at least 1 liter of water per one artichoke. We cook them in salted water with the addition of olive oil and a few drops of lemon. The total cooking time is about 35-40 minutes until the vegetables become soft.

We can also steam them – 20-25 minutes. We prick with a knife and check if it is cooked. We cool and remove hairy agents.

Recipes with artichokes

The cooked artichokes themselves are delicious, but it never hurts to sprinkle them with olive oil, sprinkle with fresh thyme, parsley. You can sprinkle them with walnuts or pour lemon or orange juice. Various types of dips: garlic, herbal, vinaigrette will work great. It is also worth adding a few capers. Soon, a recipe for cooked artichokes with almond dip!

Cooked hearts, after removing the hairy means, we can stuff: mushrooms, cheese, meat (the famous Italian dish – carciofi alla romana, i.e. artichokes in Roman, are stuffed with spicy stuffing from olives, bread crumbs and herbs). Chopped hearts are used for salads (especially those with the addition of tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, Parmesan cheese); in Italy, we often meet them in pasta dishes and on pizza. WARNING! Their hearts are equally tasty cold and hot.

Artichoke tart: 300 g of cooked hearts, cut, sprinkle with salt and pepper and mix. We add 200 g of cream cheese cream, mix. We lay out the tart form with puff pastry. We fill with stuffing, cover with a second puff pastry, glue the edges. Grease with beaten yolk, use a knife to make holes in the dough. We bake 30 minutes in 200 degrees.

A more aromatic possibility of making artichoke is stewing in olive oil. To 1 cup olive oil, add 2-3 cloves of garlic, a few bay leaves or other dried herbs as desired. Vegetable halves should stew for about 30 minutes. Proportions are given for 5-6 artichokes.

How long does a cold last

Do you feel just bad and have a sore throat? You’ve probably got a cold. Symptoms caused by the common cold often resemble flu symptoms, however, these are two different conditions, although both caused by viruses. The common cold is associated with much milder symptoms. Do you suspect you have a cold? Check how to deal with it most effectively.

What is a cold? How long does it last?

This is a classic seasonal disease, attacking with the onset of the first chill. Sometimes it comes with the flow of air, with rain or is caused by sudden climate changes. Why do we get sick more often in winter? There are two main reasons: cold slows down the flow of mucus, which is responsible for creating a barrier against viruses, and in addition, we spend more time in closed and crowded rooms where viruses can circulate and thus become easier to infect. In fact, the common cold is an acute infection of viral origin, which mainly affects the upper respiratory tract: nose and throat. It can take several days or even weeks.

Cold and flu symptoms

Cold symptoms

The first symptoms of a cold appear one or two days after infection. Patients often feel scratching, burning and dry nose during this period. This may indicate that it was our nasal epithelium that was attacked by viruses. Gradually, patients begin to feel unpleasant sore throat, which is often accompanied by hoarseness. A runny nose begins to develop, and sneezing normally. When it comes to a sore throat, it usually goes away after about two days. On the other hand, nasal discharge, which is watery at the beginning, begins to be denser and has yellow or green colors (this indicates the purulent nature of runny nose). Some patients may also have a cough and a high fever (especially in the first days of colds), which fluctuates around 37–38 ° C. It is worth noting that high body temperature occurs more often in children.

How to prevent a cold?

There is no reliable evidence that freezing or prolonged cold exposure increases the risk of colds. However, some studies show that, for example, increased cooling of the legs increases the risk of getting a cold. However, it is difficult to judge from the available information whether this actually increases the chances of getting a cold. Certainly, apart from freezing, an infection is necessary for the common cold.

A large number of medicines, which is designed to strengthen immunity, does not affect the risk of colds. There is also a lot of talk about the beneficial effects of garlic, for sure your mothers have given you milk with garlic and honey many times. Popular vitamin C reduces the risk of catching cold only in people who exercise intensively (e.g. footballers, marathon runners).

In the period of increased risk of developing a cold, try to avoid crowded places where it is easier to get a battery or virus infection. At school, at work, in the library or on the tram, try not to touch your nose or eyes with your hands.

How to make whipped cream

How to make whipped cream, which is an important element of many recipes, including cream for cake, other cakes, desserts or ice cream? Is the only way to get stiff and delicious whipped cream by adding a mix from a store or buying a finished product? Check how to make whipped cream at home!

Whipped cream – home recipe

Theoretically, the only ingredient needed to make whipped cream is a portion (approx. 250 ml) of fat cream – 30 percent or 36 percent. To it you can add a tablespoon of powdered sugar and possibly aroma.

Whipped cream preparation

Whipped cream – how to make it yourself?

The cream that we will use to prepare the whipped cream should be cold – before using it should be stored in the refrigerator for several hours. Whipped whipped cream is poured into a bowl and beat using a whisk or mixer. If you decide on a mixer, for the first minute, beat it at low speed, and then turn on the higher and mix until it is stiff. The whipping process will last several minutes (the manual whisk is longer and more time consuming). Finally, add sugar or aroma. The easiest way to check if the cream is whipped is to tilt the dish – it should stay in place even after turning the bowl.

Warning! If we see that the cream is ready, we do not prolong the whipping process – we can brew it!

We store whipped cream in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day. Unfortunately, whipped cream very strongly takes over the aromas from the fridge, so after a long time it may be unpalatable.

How to make whipped cream stiff?

If you don’t want to whip cream, it’s often a matter of not mixing it well enough. It may also be just too high a temperature. You just have to whip her longer. It is worth noting, however, that whipped cream is not a permanent product and can melt quickly. Fortunately, in the kitchen you can use two tricks that will definitely help us prepare the perfect whipped cream for dessert or cake!

Use gelatin. Dissolve a flat teaspoon of gelatin in 40 ml of hot water and cool. Whip 250 ml whipped cream rigidly, then slowly pour in dissolved gelatin and stir quickly. If you are preparing a larger amount of gelatin, prepare it proportionally.

Combine the whipped cream with mascarpone cheese. Once you whip the cream, add mascarpone cheese to it. It should be 2 times less than cream (e.g. 400 ml cream and 200 g mascarpone cheese). Stir it into stiff cream using a wooden spoon or at the lowest speed of the mixer.

How to save whipped cream?

Whipping cream for too long can make it break. It should not be given then, but it does not mean that you have to throw it away! Whipped cream can still be saved. How to do it? Two steps are enough.

Add some fresh cold cream to unsuccessful whipped cream.

Then mix well and whisk again – this time more carefully so that it does not blend again.

How to buy stock

Do you want to get into stock exchange? Do you want to buy stock? It is easier said than done, so read our article to find out the best practices and be aware of common mistakes you can make. 

Before you start investing

A big mistake made by people starting their adventure with the stock exchange is the lack of knowledge about its functioning. Therefore, before you go to practice, take time to acquire at least general knowledge about trading in shares. Read about business cycles, bull market, bear market, rules for buying and selling shares and other issues described in books and materials for novice investors. Where to look for information on how the stock market works, what is investing in companies?

Stock purchasing

Track information

A novice investor needs to spend some time getting to know listed companies included in individual indexes and find out what messages affect the course of listing. The easiest way to get this knowledge is by keeping track of information coming from the stock exchange and the financial markets. For this purpose, you can use, for example, websites offering stock market news, together with analyst comments.

How to buy shares?

To start trading in shares you need to set up an investment account, otherwise known as a brokerage account or brokerage account. This is an account where information about your shares and transactions is saved.

Remember that futures are definitely not a good instrument for budding investors. You must be fully aware of the risks they pose. You can gain a lot in a short time, but if your actions are not in line with market movement, you can clear your account to zero in a very short time.

Especially at the beginning of your adventure with investing, you should protect yourself against the risk of unusually large declines. To do this, set up a collateral order or stop loss on your brokerage account. Thanks to this you will specify the level to which you accept losses. When buying shares you have to take into account potential losses, so always take the level to which you accept losses. Set a sales order (so-called stop loss) at a level where it will be known that your expectations regarding the share price have not come true. This will allow you to avoid very painful losses.

Being able to learn from mistakes (not just yours) is one of the key principles of investing in the stock market. Remember not to treat failure as failure. If you draw the appropriate conclusions from them and successfully do the “lesson” they carried, you will become much richer. And it’s not just about the contents of the wallet.

When you get the first experience on the stock exchange, get interested in training offered by financial companies. Very often at free meetings you can learn many things that broaden the knowledge and history of experienced brokers. Meetings are free because they are often sponsored by brokerage houses and are one of the forms of their promotion. For you, however, they can be a great opportunity to gain knowledge.

How to invest in stocks

By investing in the stock market, you can earn a lot of money. However, not only a bit of luck is needed for investment in shares to bring measurable benefits, but also a solid portion of knowledge. Do you want to start earning on the stock market? We suggest how to do it.

What is the stock exchange?

The stock exchange is a meeting place for individuals and institutions that want to sell or buy shares, certificates, bonds and other securities. The investor’s source of profit may be interest, dividends or funds generated by the increase in the price of the purchased asset.

How to start earning on the stock market?

Stock investments

Get theoretical knowledge

If you want to start earning on the stock market, before starting the internship, gain thorough knowledge of investing. Unfortunately, many novice investors completely forget the importance of theoretical preparation here. When analyzing industry materials, reading books or blogs, pay attention to such issues as: business cycles, bull market, bear market or the rules of buying and selling shares. Also, regularly monitor information about the stock exchange and spend enough time to get to know listed companies better. Find out what information affects the course of trading and analyze analyst comments.

Check how to buy shares

We said that the stock market is like a big market, but the ordinary private investor is not allowed. I need a broker. A broker is a man who mediates between the buyer and seller. It’s easiest to associate with red braces. But why just red suspenders? That’s right, today a broker can also be electronic. You can invest on the stock market using the internet without the help of a specific person.

Learn about the factors that influence the price of shares

The stock exchange has clearly defined rules. First of all, the share price is an attempt to assess the company’s future profits. It is influenced by many external and internal factors – the company’s strategy, the product it offers, the people who manage it, the economic environment in which it operates, the outlook for economic growth and so on. However, this is not always possible to foresee. Fortunately, special institutions oversee the stock exchange process. They take care of the course of trade.

Investment trends

Over time, you’ll gain experience and find the best rules for yourself in the stock market game. In the meantime, remember (and put into practice) a few principles that will increase your chances of avoiding failure:

Trend is your friend – that is, do not play against the market in a situation where the current trend (upward or downward) is permanent.

Don’t buy at the top – if stocks break historical records, it’s a sign that you should refrain from investing. Repeatedly correcting price records is one of the signs of upcoming profit taking, i.e. price drops.

Buy when it is cheap – a good time for investment is the period following sharp declines. The most important thing in this case is to read the signals of re-entering the market again.

How to make fried rice

Fried rice is a simple Asian dish. Such fried rice can be prepared as a vegetarian dish, then fried rice with vegetables or as a vegan dish, in this case it is fried rice without an egg. The recipe for fried rice is simple and quick to prepare.

Such rice is a nice variety for curries and vegetable salads. It is prepared in a wok or in a large frying pan, a cast-iron pot will also work. Fried rice is prepared quickly and literally without problems.

About Asian cuisine

Many Asian dishes are made using the stir fry method unknown in traditional Polish cuisine. Rice fried with eggs is one of the most popular Chinese dishes. However, it is not always possible to make it. Several nuances count.

Fried rice cooking

Cantonese fried rice

Cantonese fried rice is an extremely simple and quick dish. We can use a lot of different ingredients in it – thanks to which it is different every time, and the wallets do not suffer when we use the remains of vegetables from the fridge. Use a large amount of vegetables – usually carrots, peas and string beans. If you do not want to cut and combine – a frozen mixture for Chinese dishes is great. For high hunger, you can add chicken or shrimp. Take the recipe as a base – it’s important to have the 4 most important ingredients: rice, soy sauce, sesame oil and eggs.

A simple recipe for fried rice

1 cup basmati rice

2 carrots

a piece of cabbage

2 spring onions

3 stalks of celery

4 garlic cloves

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp sesame

2 tbsp oil

2 eggs or ½ cubes of tofu

Cook the rice loosely. Peel carrots, cut into sticks. Cut the celery into slices. Crumble spring onion. Chop the Italian cabbage. Break eggs, salt and beat them. Mix with soy sauce. If you don’t use eggs, mash the tofu with a fork and mix with soy sauce.

Heat oil, put carrots in a frying pan for 1 minute, add celery, chopped cabbage and spring onions after a while. After 3 minutes, put in the rice and fry until it is hot. Pour the eggs and stir them vigorously to make them stick to the rice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve warm.

What to remember

Depending on your preferences, you can take a bottle of soy sauce and add a few drops to the rice. The best thing about this fried rice is that we didn’t use a gram of salt or pepper, but many other spices give them a taste. Try adding vegetables, meat, shrimp and spices. Both ginger, turmeric, cumin and … cinnamon will work here. Experiment – fried rice can save your dinner more than once and be a great dish for every meal!

Fried rice is such a simple dish that you can freely compose the ingredients you add to it. We mentioned that rice, eggs, sesame oil and soy sauce are the basics. What else will you add to your exotic mix? How will your fried rice taste at home? It depends entirely on you. We wish you nothing but tasty experiments in the kitchen with your beloved fried rice!

How to make fluffy slime

Recently, the so-called slime are conquering the internet. These simple toys are effective, they can be great fun for children and they are really easy to make. What exactly is slime and how to do it? And above all, how to prepare fluffy slime – one of the most popular types of slime? You will learn everything in this post!

What is slime?

Slime is a very interesting plastic mass, also known colloquially as “snot”. Slime can be bought in the store, but there are many recipes for handmade slime. In addition, there are also many types of snot. By trial and error, you can create your own slime recipe or opt for a proven slime box. It’s a set of ingredients ready to conjure up the perfect slime for children. Each set is different and contains a variety of decorations that allow slime to take really different forms.

Making toy slime

What is slime made of?

To create a slime, three ingredients are enough:

PVA glue (universal, safe, very well combines flexible materials, colorless) – although you can also prepare slime without glue!

special activator – for example, washing liquid


You can also add glitter, decorations and many other dyes. Have fun with the slime experience!

Method for making fluffy slime

This fluffy slime will appeal to every child. In addition, it is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Most often it includes … shaving foam. How to make fluffy slime?

You will need: transparent liquid glue (it is important that it contains PVA), shaving foam and liquid for washing wool and delicate fabrics, as well as a bowl and spoon. Pour glue into the bowl and gradually add shaving foam. It is important that shaving foam is slightly more than glue. Mix everything together. Now add a very small amount of washing liquid. Mix. If it is not enough, keep adding until the plastic mass begins to peel off the bowl.

Why is it worth doing slime?

Slime for children is a plastic mass that is used for sensory play, i.e. one that develops sensory perception. Fun using slime primarily stimulates the development of the sense of touch. During kneading, the child exercises his proprioceptive system, which is responsible for choosing the right strength of movement, proper muscle tone as well as fluidity and coordination. Simply put – children with an underdeveloped proprioceptive system are considered clumsy, they do not like playing games and requiring dexterity.

Mentioning the advantages of slime it should be emphasized that by sticking, rolling or even carving out various shapes from snot – children train hand-eye coordination. While playing with this plastic smear, children also learn to focus and concentrate. Stimulated imagination triggers creativity – children surprise with ingenuity in the possibilities of using slims.

We hope that you will like our guide and try to make your own fluffy slime at home – you can be surprised at how fun it is to make it and play with that slime afterwards. Remember about storing your slime in the right place – otherwise, it can get damaged. 

How to make slime without glue

The kids are crazy about slime, which is colorful snots that can be played in different ways. How to make slime at home? Is this safe fun? And what is the phenomenon of colored snots? We explain the fun of plastic mass.

What is slime? What is it made of?

Slime is nothing more than combined in the right proportions: transparent school glue, laundry detergent and food coloring (or paint or glitter). That’s enough for the basic version and your first serious experiment! Stimulating curiosity of the world and gaining a wave of joy from self-creation – each of us who just built a tower from blocks or produced liquid for bubbles knows what I’m talking about here.

Of course, you do not have to use glue – there are other solutions like starch that can replace it. 

Let’s start with the fact that, like any other art, it requires mastery and patience at the beginning. When your children learn to make slimes based on basic recipes, the time will come for creative fun, modifications and creating their own recipes.

Due to the presence of detergent in the composition – the toy can not be put in the mouth (at least this basic version, it is interesting that there are slimes that are … edible!). For older children who are no longer interested in “trying” toys, borax will work to make snot, although special care is recommended when using it.

Making slime

Types of slimes

The number of slimes that can be created is huge! They can be single-colored “snots”, you can combine several colors to create one big mix, you can also add aroma and have an extremely fragrant goo! Popular are also those with beautifully shimmering brocade, as well as “shooting” ones, with the addition of small polystyrene balls. There are various slime names on the Internet. How to distinguish them?

  • Jiggly, or jelly-like, “shaking” plastic mass
  • Glossy, i.e. the one with the addition of shiny, colorful brocade
  • Crunchy, or snot, which “crunches” after adding small, styrofoam balls
  • Glibbi, a special, colorful powder that … changes the consistency of water! Yes, yes – bathing with him will be magical!

How to play slime?

This is a question parents usually think about, because children know perfectly how to play with slime! Different types of “snots” are different possibilities of their use! Making bubbles is very popular – just insert a plain straw into the formed shape and blow. Thanks to this you can create really big bubbles! In addition, slime can be crushed, kneaded, stretched, formed, rolled and much more … It all depends on the imagination, ideas and creativity of the youngest!

The richness of forms and colors of snots is a guarantee that children will forget boredom for a long time. There are also many other types of slime, but here we’ve included the most popular ones. Same with recipes – you can find a lot of them on the Internet. You can also add dyes, glitter and so on to your slime! Due to the positive impact of this game on the child’s development – you don’t have to (and can’t) be afraid of overdosing.

How to make slime

Slime, a plastic toy that children loved – awarded her the obligatory title of ‘toy of the year 2018’. But what really is slime? What is it for and how to use it in fun? You will learn everything from the article below!

What is slime?

Slime is a homemade plastic mass of various colors, texture and structure. The craze appeared in 2016.

You can make it yourself at home, but you need special materials. you have to experiment before you get them satisfying results and have shown great patience and enthusiasm to master the art of doing them. Then you can play with pleasure, discovering more ways to create slimes, because they can be made of both two or several ingredients to create different types of slime.

Slime toy for kids

Why is it worth making a slime mass?

  • It’s creative – children can play with it in a lot of ways (including their own), constantly inventing new ones
  • It develops a sense of touch by squeezing, crushing, rolling and much more
  • It teaches patience and focus on a specific task – in this case, making a toy
  • Teaches teamwork – children often play slime in pairs or groups of several people
  • It allows children to realize their own ideas: children can choose and combine colors, additions and fragrances according to an individual design

How to make a slime safely?

Slime can be a fun and creative hobby as long as we follow a few rules. Here are the most important:

  • at the beginning of science, it is worth supervising children’s experiments and controlling their enthusiasm
  • do not use products that your children may be allergic to (chemical reactions occur when the ingredients are combined)
  • slimes are not fun for very young children (risk of material getting into the eyes or eating, although you’ll be surprised, but there are edible slimes e.g. from food foam)
  • slimes are stored in sealed boxes and it is worth keeping them out of the reach of small children and animals; you can also sign them so that they do not go wrong with food
  • it is worth sacrificing the kneading cups and use them only for slimes
  • be careful not to soil your clothes and stick your hair, although slimes can be washed off with water or scraped off
  • slimes must be stored at room temperature; we do not freeze or heat them
  • after making the slime, you need to thoroughly wash the hands, dishes and countertop on which it is made

Good practices

  • When kneading the mass, slime sticks to the skin. We will avoid this if we dynamically change it from hand to hand. Leaving it for longer causes it to spread and stick.
  • When the slime is sticky, just add a little activator or cornstarch and knead again.
  • When it is hard, dry or not flexible enough, you need to add some thick emulsion to your body or immerse it in warm water for 30 seconds.
  • When the foam balls fall out of the slime, we add a little glue and an activator.
  • Due to the fact that the amount of activator affects the consistency of the slime, we must control its addition depending on what effect we want to achieve. 
  • We store each slime in an airtight container at room temperature.

How to write a song

Songs are not just music – songs are also lyrics. It is better to write the lyrics before they are sung. Unless someone has written poems before, writing the first text can be a challenge for him. However, there is nothing to fear. If you are wondering what to do to write your very first song, our article may come in handy. Read it on!

What to write a song about?

The answer is: everything. This may sound ridiculous, but the condition is that the words arranged in sentences make sense. Not all songwriters succeed to the end, but if you have poetic talent, your lyrics may have not only meaning but a deeper message. When searching for this depth, do not overdo it unless you are sure that the texts you write are really good.

Song writing advice

Get inspired by your experience

Although it may seem obvious, some of the greatest songs in history relate to personal experiences, and artists draw on real events and traumas that trigger their creativity. Regardless of whether you went through hard times or times of glory, you can use your life experiences for great success. Put these feelings in a song you can be proud of.

Do not forget to keep your ideas

Record any single sign of your inspiration. There is nothing worse than coming up with an amazing melody or riff just to completely forget what was an hour later. Forgetting your ideas can be really frustrating, so it’s important to make a note of your idea when it’s fresh in your mind, even if it’s recorded quickly on your phone or on a scrap of paper. You’ll be happy to remind you later when you come back to continue working on the song.

Watch the beat

You need to take quite a lot of technical issues into consideration, too. In popular music, i.e. not only in hip-hop, but also in metal, there is a rule that says that words should also have a musical sense. It is about the rhythm of the sung message, so that the sentences of the verses and chorus are matched in terms of division to melodic lines and that the words harmonize with the melody and even emphasize it. This is an important detail because in many amateur songs it is clearly heard how the singer can not “form” and fit in the phrase the words of the next verses. In this case, the lyrics simply do not match the song and you need to correct it. If, strangely enough, you can’t match the words you have written to the melody, count how many notes you have to sing in each measure and check if the syllables of the verses agree. If not, find another word in the dictionary.

Writing a song with unforgettable melodies and creative lyrics can be a challenge. Even the most experienced songwriters go through the block at some point in their careers and there are many different approaches to writing songs.

We hope that our advice inspired you to write the song that will win the hearts of millions of listeners! Do not be afraid to experiment and delete the words you have already written: no one began the career of a songwriter by writing the perfect text. Good luck!

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