Florida – In search of the sun


Florida is a peninsula where it is warm and sunny all year round. Even when it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, the temperatures in the cities like Miami or Key West can be over 20 degrees Celsius. If you feel like you are sick of the cold and miss the sun, be sure to check when should you fly to Florida and from which airport should you leave before you book your cheap flights.

When to fly to Florida?

Cheap flights are booked all year round to Florida. If your goal is to relax, the best time to visit Florida is during winter. Florida is the warmest and sunniest state in the United States. It has a tropical and marine climate. Instead of having typical seasons, the peninsula has a dry and rainy season. The first season lasts from November till May, while the second season starts in June and ends in October. During the rainy season in Florida, there is a hurricane season, so before booking cheap flights at a bargain price you should check the long-term weather forecast. Most tropical storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes occur in August and October, but similar weather conditions can occur even in November.

If you intend to visit Florida and would like to enjoy some local sun,  it is a good idea to book your flights starting from February till the end of April. The peninsula is warm during this time, but the temperatures are pleasant enough to spend time actively outside. At the same time, the risk of hurricanes and other types of hazardous weather events is low.

Which airport should you choose?

When looking for flight connections to Florida, you will have many airports to choose from. Some of these airports have only domestic flights, so in order to reach them, you have to choose connecting flights e.g. to New York or Washington and then to Miami. Other airports have international flights. The largest airport is Miami airport. This is the city where it is easiest to buy cheap flights from Europe and well as from most Latin American countries. Another big airport is in Tampa. The airport is located about 11 km from the city center and has the largest number of flights from Canada and numerous connections from other countries. You can easily reach London from Tampa, among others. The biggest advantage of Tampa airport is the possibility of buying cheap flights for domestic flights, among others to Key West and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Cheap flights from Europe are also available to Jacksonville, which is just over 20km from the city center of the same name. The airport is developing extremely fast, which is why the number of flights arriving every year and the number of carriers that organize charter flights to Jacksonville is increasing. 

Mickey Mouse lovers and people traveling to Florida with children should be interested in airline tickets to Orlando. This is the largest airport near Disney World in Florida.  The Disney Amusement Park, Universal Studios and many other trails in the area are quickly accessible from there. Key West is an airport that is recommended to Hemingway fans and people who want to explore the local cuisine. The advantage of Key West airport is its location only 3 km from the city center and a wide range of airline tickets to Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.

What to do in Florida?

Once you arrive in Florida, you can enjoy bathing and cruising in the Gulf of Mexico or the Bahamas no matter what time of year. You can also go to any of the numerous clubs that are full of life until dawn in Miami. Along the ocean’s shores, you’ll find charming promenades, Floribbean cuisine bars and marinas where the biggest Hollywood stars anchor their yachts. During your stay in Florida, you might also want to visit the Everglades National Park, which is the oldest natural reserve in the US. You can see the American crocodiles in their natural environment.

Source: eSky.