How to make whipped cream

How to make whipped cream

How to make whipped cream, which is an important element of many recipes, including cream for cake, other cakes, desserts or ice cream? Is the only way to get stiff and delicious whipped cream by adding a mix from a store or buying a finished product? Check how to make whipped cream at home!

Whipped cream – home recipe

Theoretically, the only ingredient needed to make whipped cream is a portion (approx. 250 ml) of fat cream – 30 percent or 36 percent. To it you can add a tablespoon of powdered sugar and possibly aroma.

Whipped cream preparation

Whipped cream – how to make it yourself?

The cream that we will use to prepare the whipped cream should be cold – before using it should be stored in the refrigerator for several hours. Whipped whipped cream is poured into a bowl and beat using a whisk or mixer. If you decide on a mixer, for the first minute, beat it at low speed, and then turn on the higher and mix until it is stiff. The whipping process will last several minutes (the manual whisk is longer and more time consuming). Finally, add sugar or aroma. The easiest way to check if the cream is whipped is to tilt the dish – it should stay in place even after turning the bowl.

Warning! If we see that the cream is ready, we do not prolong the whipping process – we can brew it!

We store whipped cream in the fridge for a maximum of 1 day. Unfortunately, whipped cream very strongly takes over the aromas from the fridge, so after a long time it may be unpalatable.

How to make whipped cream stiff?

If you don’t want to whip cream, it’s often a matter of not mixing it well enough. It may also be just too high a temperature. You just have to whip her longer. It is worth noting, however, that whipped cream is not a permanent product and can melt quickly. Fortunately, in the kitchen you can use two tricks that will definitely help us prepare the perfect whipped cream for dessert or cake!

Use gelatin. Dissolve a flat teaspoon of gelatin in 40 ml of hot water and cool. Whip 250 ml whipped cream rigidly, then slowly pour in dissolved gelatin and stir quickly. If you are preparing a larger amount of gelatin, prepare it proportionally.

Combine the whipped cream with mascarpone cheese. Once you whip the cream, add mascarpone cheese to it. It should be 2 times less than cream (e.g. 400 ml cream and 200 g mascarpone cheese). Stir it into stiff cream using a wooden spoon or at the lowest speed of the mixer.

How to save whipped cream?

Whipping cream for too long can make it break. It should not be given then, but it does not mean that you have to throw it away! Whipped cream can still be saved. How to do it? Two steps are enough.

Add some fresh cold cream to unsuccessful whipped cream.

Then mix well and whisk again – this time more carefully so that it does not blend again.