How to stop hiccups

How to stop hiccups

Virtually all of us have struggled with hiccups at least a few times in our lives. It usually lasts only a few minutes, sometimes it can bother for several hours or even days. Is popular advice to plug your nose or eat a teaspoon of sugar an effective way to hiccups?

What is hiccups?

Hiccups are irregular and rapid contractions of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles of the chest due to irritation of the diaphragmatic nerve. When the diaphragm begins to work intensively, we cease to have control over even breathing, which is manifested by a characteristic sound.

What causes hiccups?

What can lead to the appearance of hiccups? The most common cause is excessive and rapid filling of the stomach, during which we swallow too much air. Hiccups can also be caused by drinking very cold or hot drinks, spicy food, carbonated drinks, and excess alcohol.

What causes hiccups

How to deal with hiccup?

If hiccups occasionally affect us, we can try to reach for known, home remedies for this ailment. Although in most cases scientific research does not confirm their effectiveness, many people declare that the hiccup reflex for them disappears.

A teaspoon of sugar – when the body focuses on another activity, the hiccup reflex ceases. A similar effect can be obtained when eating a teaspoon of honey or peanut butter.

A glass of water – drinking a glass of water with small sips, which enables the rhythmic work of the esophagus and diaphragm and calms the hiccup reflex. In addition, the body will have to focus on swallowing water, therefore the hiccups should not return.

Holding your breath – thanks to this we increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, which relaxes the diaphragm. Another way to give a similar effect is to breathe into a paper bag.

Be scared – A scared person holds the air, so the concentration of carbon dioxide in the body increases and the hiccup reflex ceases. Therefore, a sudden surprise or fright should help you get rid of hiccups.

Swallow ice cubes – swallowing pieces of ice also distracts the body from irregular diaphragm contractions and allows you to get rid of hiccups.

Hiccups after a meal

Hiccups are very often the result of overeating. When we eat a large number of foods in a short time, the stomach stretches and presses on the diaphragm, resulting in a sharp contraction and hiccups. Diaphragmatic nerves also irritate cold and hot drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages that relax muscles and disrupt the diaphragm. In turn, eating too fast causes you to unwittingly sip the air that fills your stomach, which intensifies diaphragm contractions and causes hiccups.

Frequent and prolonged hiccups

If you often struggle with the quadruple problem or it does not go away for a long time, contact your doctor. This can mean problems in your body’s work and be a signal that something is wrong. Don’t ignore such characters. What’s more, frequent hiccups can just make you feel very uncomfortable, and you probably don’t want that? We wish you short adventures with hiccups!