How to get rid of mice

How to get rid of mice

Mice have no resistance to parading around the living room or hopping on the bed. A hungry mouse will look into a wardrobe and bookshelves. They gnaw food, leaving a mark and a lot of damage. There are several ways to get rid of mice.

Close the holes

Mice use holes in our home, so finding holes through which mice can enter our home is necessary. They must be carefully sealed with plaster. Climbing to the first floor or attic is not a problem for the rodent. Look carefully for any small gaps near the roof that the pests could get inside. It is important to keep leftovers away so that they do not lie on top. Food products such as flour, cereal or rice should be tightly closed in plastic containers.

Mouse trap

Mouse traps

Mousetraps are one of the most popular methods to get rid of mice. The delicacy attracts the mouse inside the trap, a small cage snaps in, preventing the rodent from exiting. A caught mouse can be released on a meadow or in the woods. Glue, which the mouse sticks to the lure of a treat, is also popular. In supermarkets you can buy devices that, when switched on, emit ultrasounds inaudible to humans, but very irritating to mice. They should be turned on in the room where we noticed mice.

Scare you with a smell

When the rodent appeared at home, prevention alone is not enough. You can try using natural products that smell repels mice. These are wild mint, mullein, fresh tomato leaves, wild chamomile, tansy flower or moldy lemon. Place lavender sachets or lavender soaps in wardrobes, cupboards or chests of drawers, and you will effectively alienate mice and stop them from visiting your home. Put dried wild mint, oleander or tansy in the eagerly visited mice, or at least get rid of annoying tenants for at least some time. You can get a similar effect by spraying the mouse with potential hair lacquer.

You can also reach for oils in these scents, sprinkle them with pieces of cotton wool and spread them in the apartment. Mice don’t like the smell of vinegar either.

Think about … the cat

Have you watched “Tom & Jerry”? The mouse ran away from the cat, and it turns out that this way works not only in this fairy tale. The mere presence of a cat scares away these mice. Even a tiny cat can end the problem or minimize it.

Other methods

You’ve tried the methods listed above, and they do not work? You can also use a poison, to make the mouse die quickly. Spilling it is risky when there are small children or pets in the house.

If you can’t handle the problem, then think about some professional services. This is the most expensive method, requires payment of a team of specialists. In addition, it is necessary to leave the house for one day since it will stink of used materials (and it is quite dangerous).

To wrap-up

It does not come as a surprise that mice often seek shelter in basements, barns and homes. Persistent mice can even appear in an apartment in a large city. We hope that our short guide will allow you to get rid of your mouse from your home once and for all.