How to grow hair faster

How to grow hair faster

According to research, on average, hair grows about 1 centimeter per month, but these are only generalized statistics, because if it were so in all cases it would not be necessary to use shampoos for hair growth. Are there proven ways for hair to grow faster and be properly nourished?

Why doesn’t hair grow?

Unfortunately, in addition to genetic conditions, hair loss and weakness are associated with other factors. The most common of them are: poor diet, inadequate care, poor absorption of micronutrients, stress, hormonal changes, reaction to some medications, skin and hair diseases, frequent hair tying and even too rare cutting of tips at the hairdresser.

Hair growth acceleration

Discover mesotherapy

One of the most effective methods of stimulating the growth of strong and strong hair is mesotherapy. The treatment consists of injecting the scalp with an appropriate preparation adapted to the patient’s needs. Special cocktails injected under the skin containing vitamins, amino acids and microelements allow you to renew and regenerate weak, gray and thin hair. Cocktails with peptides have a nutritious effect, stimulating them to grow. As a result, the hair becomes stronger, regenerated, thicker, denser, more moisturized and shiny.

Use vitamins

It is worth expanding your knowledge about the healing properties of plants and herbs. One of the most popular ingredients is nettle, more precisely a decoction of nettle. How to make your hair grow faster? First of all, get plants that will support proper hair growth. In our herbal medicine cabinet, we cannot miss horsetail, burdock oil, hop cones, coltsfoot oil. All oils also support dry scalp and of course dry hair against oily hair is advised against using even natural oils.

When thinking about how to make your hair grow faster, find out what vitamins will support the hair and scalp care process. A good solution is to use B-group vitamins or supplements, i.e. vitamins B1, B2, B5. Other vitamins that should be taken for a satisfactory effect are vitamin A, PP, C and vitamin E.

Take supplements

Another way to make your hair grow faster, i.e. supplements available in drugstores and pharmacies, is often criticized, mainly due to its high price. Most people see their effects, but they end when they stop taking the tablets. They actually supplement vitamins and microelements missing in the diet, so they can be a salvation for those who do not have the time or desire to eat healthy food. If a given brand also offers shampoos or ampoules, it is worth using them to work on the hair from the inside and outside.

There are a lot of cosmetics in drugstores and pharmacies that are supposed to support the hair growth process. Manufacturers offer not only cosmetics, but also oral preparations. This solution is very reasonable, because the process should be supported not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The effects are visible very quickly, but they often end when we stop using the product. That is why a proper diet is so important.