How to get rid of flies

How to get rid of flies

As soon as temperatures rise in the spring and the first snow begins to melt, flies appear – one of the most annoying insects of all. The first thing you think about then is how to get rid of flies. Are you sure you are wondering where flies come from after the winter? Why are house flies still trying to get to our homes? Are flies dangerous to humans?

How long do flies live?

The life expectancy of a fly is very short. They can live up to 2 months in favorable conditions and no predators. However, the average life expectancy of house flies is 10-20 days. In its entire life, a fly can lay up to 3,000 eggs. The eggs are tiny and invisible to the naked eye. Fly larvae hatch on the first day.

Fly extermination

How to get rid of flies?

There are many ways to get rid of house flies. The easiest way to fly is by using a fly trap or a rolled up newspaper that you can use to hunt for them. A big disadvantage of this method are the dirty stains remaining on the walls after the flies. Do not collect killed flies with your bare hands, but use a broom or gloves instead.

Glue traps

House flies are attracted by the color or lure contained in the glue. This is a very simple and familiar solution that allows you to get rid of house flies easily. Roll fly flies is the cheapest way to get rid of house flies. This is probably the most popular home remedy for flies. The disadvantage of some binders is the unsightly appearance of the room with hanging ribbons with dead flies stuck to them. The fly strap can stick to objects, leaving stains and sticky marks.

The newly developed traps for killing flies are more original, comfortable and aesthetic.

Electrical appliances

A fairly common device for contact with flies using cartridges or insecticide fluid. When heated, the insecticide spreads around the room and kills house flies. These types of devices are effective, but they must be used with care and in accordance with the instructions. They should not be used in a children’s room. It’s best to use them when the tenants are out of the apartment.

Strong fly spray

Insecticides in concentrate for dilution with water, used as a spray for flies, allow the insecticide to cover facades, walls, door frames, terraces, etc. with a sprayer relatively quickly. This is a very effective method to eliminate flies from rooms and their surroundings. When choosing preparations, it is best to look for the microencapsulated ones, because they are much more resistant to higher temperatures and remain longer on the surface. Focus especially on places where thorough and frequent cleaning is a challenge, such as garbage cans.

Fighting housefly is not easy, because insects are resistant to many insecticides, which are better avoided because of their own health (insecticides are often toxic). Flies are also difficult to catch on the fly, because they are very agile and change the direction of flight in an instant. Still, there are several ways we can avoid the diseases they transmit and eliminate them from our homes.