How to write a song

How to write a song

Songs are not just music – songs are also lyrics. It is better to write the lyrics before they are sung. Unless someone has written poems before, writing the first text can be a challenge for him. However, there is nothing to fear. If you are wondering what to do to write your very first song, our article may come in handy. Read it on!

What to write a song about?

The answer is: everything. This may sound ridiculous, but the condition is that the words arranged in sentences make sense. Not all songwriters succeed to the end, but if you have poetic talent, your lyrics may have not only meaning but a deeper message. When searching for this depth, do not overdo it unless you are sure that the texts you write are really good.

Song writing advice

Get inspired by your experience

Although it may seem obvious, some of the greatest songs in history relate to personal experiences, and artists draw on real events and traumas that trigger their creativity. Regardless of whether you went through hard times or times of glory, you can use your life experiences for great success. Put these feelings in a song you can be proud of.

Do not forget to keep your ideas

Record any single sign of your inspiration. There is nothing worse than coming up with an amazing melody or riff just to completely forget what was an hour later. Forgetting your ideas can be really frustrating, so it’s important to make a note of your idea when it’s fresh in your mind, even if it’s recorded quickly on your phone or on a scrap of paper. You’ll be happy to remind you later when you come back to continue working on the song.

Watch the beat

You need to take quite a lot of technical issues into consideration, too. In popular music, i.e. not only in hip-hop, but also in metal, there is a rule that says that words should also have a musical sense. It is about the rhythm of the sung message, so that the sentences of the verses and chorus are matched in terms of division to melodic lines and that the words harmonize with the melody and even emphasize it. This is an important detail because in many amateur songs it is clearly heard how the singer can not “form” and fit in the phrase the words of the next verses. In this case, the lyrics simply do not match the song and you need to correct it. If, strangely enough, you can’t match the words you have written to the melody, count how many notes you have to sing in each measure and check if the syllables of the verses agree. If not, find another word in the dictionary.

Writing a song with unforgettable melodies and creative lyrics can be a challenge. Even the most experienced songwriters go through the block at some point in their careers and there are many different approaches to writing songs.

We hope that our advice inspired you to write the song that will win the hearts of millions of listeners! Do not be afraid to experiment and delete the words you have already written: no one began the career of a songwriter by writing the perfect text. Good luck!