How to make money on Youtube

How to make money on Youtube

Popular YouTubers become famous celebrities, enjoying treatment like movie stars and world-class athletes. This means that they have fans who adore them, sponsorship agreements with large companies and large earnings. How to make money on YouTube?

What determines your YouTube earnings?

The level of earnings of a person in each industry depends on a wide list of internal and external factors, which include: the level of development of the country’s economy, personal predispositions, readiness to devote to their own business, etc. However, there are also specific factors that are determined by the nature of the action YouTube as a website and it’s worth focusing more on them.

The regularity of new video publications is extremely important. The most effective solution is to choose 2-3 days a week, when you plan to publish new videos and inform viewers about it. This rule should be remembered by anyone who is interested in how to make money on YouTube. When videos appear very rarely, the channel’s author risks losing audience.

YouTube for profit

How to make money on YouTube? Best practices

The easiest way to monetize YouTube is through advertising through YouTube’s partner network programs. YouTube’s official affiliate program allows vloggers to earn money by displaying Google AdSense ads and by subscribing to YouTube Red. To become a YouTube partner, you must have over 1,000 subscribers and reach at least 4000 hours of views per year.

Placing an advertising film in the author’s film. A short promotional video can be at the beginning of a good YouTube video as well as inside. One YouTube ad can be viewed for about 5 seconds and skipped, while the other must be watched to the end. The video owner only receives money for an ad that the user has watched to the end. Otherwise he won’t get anything.

Side video ad. The advertising block is placed in the upper right corner. The owner of the film receives remuneration only if the person concerned clicks on the advertisement on yt. This is a fairly “tricky” advertisement because it puts exactly what has been searched in the search engine recently – for example, if a user wanted to buy a bike and searched Google for the appropriate options. When, after closing all links, you will be taken to YouTube to view interesting video, you will definitely be able to see a bicycle side advertisement. That is why this method is very effective and you can earn well on it.

Pop-up windows. Banners and other advertising windows often appear at the bottom of the video. If the viewer clicks on them, the owner of the video will receive money from the advertiser. The window can be closed by clicking the cross in the corner, although even then it does not close completely, but it curls so that the viewer can open it again at any time.

You must become a YouTube partner to earn from ads. You can do this by going to the Creator Studio section of your account and enabling monetization. You’ll also need to sign up for the Google AdSense network.