How to cook turkey

How to cook turkey

Turkey meat is very healthy and tasty. Its main advantage is high protein content and low fat content. However, this fat is easily digestible and contains very healthy unsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, turkey meat is recommended especially to children, people suffering from diabetes and overweight, and because of taste values ​​- to all enthusiasts of good cuisine.

Why to cook turkey?

The leanest parts of turkey contain only 5% fat. However, when a piece is a bit fatter, they are mainly only good unsaturated fatty acids that do not increase blood cholesterol. Turkey is recommended by nutritionists – it is often included in diets and low-calorie menus. Turkey meat is an excellent source of B vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B12, folic acid and niacin. In turkey, we will also find potassium, zinc, magnesium and iron, thanks to which it will be easier for us to relieve nervous and muscular tension, and it will also effectively counteract fatigue. So dinner with a piece of tasty turkey meat will give us a lot of energy, vigor and strength.

However, remember that when buying a turkey you should choose light pink meat, which indicates the natural breeding of the bird. Almost white meat is a sign that it comes from mechanized farming.

Cooking turkey meat

How to cook turkey to make it juicy?

Roasting is the easiest way to make a turkey, but minimal knowledge is needed to make the meat juicy and tasty. The most common disadvantage of unskilful baking is chipping. To avoid this, put the fillet in the marinade for about two hours before putting the meat mold in the preheated oven. Pickles can be different depending on your preferences; the simplest consists of chicken broth, soy sauce, garlic and olive oil. The secret to juicy roast turkey fillet is the low baking temperature, around 160 degrees. The oven should be in an open roasting tin or sleeve, while at the end of baking you need to cut the foil.

How long to bake a turkey?

The rule is that the turkey is roasted for as many hours as the meat weighs by adding an hour. Thus, we fill the kilo fillet for two hours: 2 kilograms in the same way – 3 hours, remembering to keep the temperature low all the time. Cut the fillet so prepared into diagonal slices and serve for dinner as a main course or as an addition to bread.

If a large turkey does not fit into the stove, you need to break its bridge. A better way, however, would be to opt for a smaller specimen in the store. It is good to salt the meat only at the end of baking: this prevents the processes by which the meat becomes hard and stringy. However, since the turkey is inherently soft and requires salting from the inside, this can be done before putting it into the oven. So that the turkey meat does not get dry and gummed, it is also worth thoroughly spreading with butter. However, for the skin of poultry (turkey, chicken or duck) to be golden and crispy, you can smear its surface with sour thick cream with spices, among which there can be a large amount of sweet pepper.