How to make a smoothie

How to make a smoothie

Do you want to know how to make a great smoothie? You’re in good hands – we prepared something especially for you.

What is a smoothie?

Smoothie is a cocktail made from mixed fruit or vegetables, based on yogurt, milk, water or ice. The drink has a thick, creamy consistency and comes in a variety of flavors and colors.

The smoothie is great as a full-fledged meal for the first or second breakfast at school and work. Such a drink is simple to prepare and filling. In addition, the smoothie is full of vitamins and nutrients, because its main ingredient is healthy, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. The smoothie itself is low in calories and supports weight loss.

Smoothie suggestions

How to make a smoothie at home?

It’s really easy, just use a blender and mix ingredients such as fresh fruit, leafy vegetables, stones, nuts, yogurt or milk, peanut butter or protein supplement. A healthy smoothie is a great way to smuggle into your diet ingredients that you don’t eat every day, such as kale, flax seeds or ginger. However, smoothies should not be drunk too often, because they usually have more calories and fructose than juices.

Smoothie recipes

Try our smoothie suggestions, which will not only be an ideal base for a smoothie bowl, but also an excellent, light and healthy snack or interesting drink.

Spinach smoothie

On the basis of orange juice, we can prepare a spinach cocktail. Green leaves should be poured with a large amount of freshly squeezed juice, add a piece of spicy ginger and blend. It is also a good idea to put orange particles in the dish. They will add density and more interesting consistency. If the fruit turns out to be too sweet for us, we can season the spinach smoothie with honey. In this way we will get a drink with a multi-dimensional taste: sweet and sour with a note of bitterness and spice.

Watermelon Smoothie

Juicy and sweet watermelon is a fruit created for all kinds of refreshing drinks. Quenches thirst and does not make you fat because it contains a lot of water. To prepare a smoothie using its pulp, it is best to blend one part with the rest of the ingredients, and cut the other into pieces and add for decoration. Watermelon will blend well with delicate juices, strawberries, raspberries and even green cucumbers.

Kiwi and kale smoothie

Healthy green and vegetable-fruit smoothies can also be made with kale. Transfer a large amount of crimped leaves to a tall dish attached to a blender, add the peeled kiwi and pour the selected juice, e.g. apple, grape or orange. We press the button and after a few moments we have a ready drink. As with spinach smoothie, if you need more sweets, you can add a teaspoon of honey. A good company for kale will also be juicy apples and pears or a creamy banana and ripe mangoes.

The big advantage of smoothie is also the possibility of including vegetables in the diet in a rather drastic way. Combined with the fruit, they become barely noticeable, and thanks to this we can take advantage of the properties of them.