How to meditate?

How to meditate?

Have you ever heard of meditation? Maybe you even wanted to try? Meditation is one of the relaxation techniques that bring amazing results. Thanks to it, it is possible to cure emotional disorders, survive a difficult time in life, and even get rid of neurosis or depression. It’s worth knowing what are the best meditation techniques.

Forms of meditation

Zen meditation is a classic form of meditation. During it, you should sit in the so-called lotus position. Requires straight back, eyes must be closed and deep breaths are taken.

During Zen meditation, it is worth relaxing and forgetting about problems. The necessary condition is the counting of breaths that allow you to calm down and calm the mind. The mind should be free from all thoughts. What is very important, we do not repeat the mantra in our thoughts.

Meditation advice

What is the best way to meditate?

Meditation requires virtually no resources on your part, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you want to learn how to start meditating. All you need is a quiet, isolated place and a comfortable seat: chair, cushion, sofa or armchair. It’s important that nothing distracts you. If you hear different sounds in your meditation area, use some forms of meditative music to drown them out.

A good idea is to allocate a specific space for meditation only – this will help create meditative vibrations in a given part of the house or apartment. Reserve half an hour so you don’t think about the responsibilities ahead. Set a stopwatch or alarm clock for 10-30 minutes. Initially, meditation should be shorter, and lengthening it gradually.

The beginnings of meditation

To start, sit comfortably, straighten up, relax your arms, slightly raise your head. You can sit cross-legged or in a typical sitting position, with your feet touching the floor and your hands on your thighs. It is important to meditate sitting straight. If you try to meditate while lying down, you are more likely to fall asleep than enter a state of meditation.

Best meditation practices

Do not meditate after eating heavy meals – you will feel drowsy. If possible, take a shower and put on clean clothes before meditation. Try turning off.

If you want to meditate after work, try not to think about the whole day and the problems associated with it.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Tell yourself that for the next 10-15 minutes you do not need to think about the past and the future – just focus on the present moment and meditation will be simpler. This stage of relaxation is the initial stage for meditation, but it is worth emphasizing that meditation is more than just relaxation.

Try to focus on your own breathing, not on everyday problems. Breathing has a big impact on our mind. Calm your breath, it will slow down our mind. However, focusing on the breath and nothing else will not have a beneficial effect on our meditation. The beauty of meditation is its simplicity – you just need to be fully aware of the breath and you will feel peace of mind.