How to make fluffy slime

How to make fluffy slime

Recently, the so-called slime are conquering the internet. These simple toys are effective, they can be great fun for children and they are really easy to make. What exactly is slime and how to do it? And above all, how to prepare fluffy slime – one of the most popular types of slime? You will learn everything in this post!

What is slime?

Slime is a very interesting plastic mass, also known colloquially as “snot”. Slime can be bought in the store, but there are many recipes for handmade slime. In addition, there are also many types of snot. By trial and error, you can create your own slime recipe or opt for a proven slime box. It’s a set of ingredients ready to conjure up the perfect slime for children. Each set is different and contains a variety of decorations that allow slime to take really different forms.

Making toy slime

What is slime made of?

To create a slime, three ingredients are enough:

PVA glue (universal, safe, very well combines flexible materials, colorless) – although you can also prepare slime without glue!

special activator – for example, washing liquid


You can also add glitter, decorations and many other dyes. Have fun with the slime experience!

Method for making fluffy slime

This fluffy slime will appeal to every child. In addition, it is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Most often it includes … shaving foam. How to make fluffy slime?

You will need: transparent liquid glue (it is important that it contains PVA), shaving foam and liquid for washing wool and delicate fabrics, as well as a bowl and spoon. Pour glue into the bowl and gradually add shaving foam. It is important that shaving foam is slightly more than glue. Mix everything together. Now add a very small amount of washing liquid. Mix. If it is not enough, keep adding until the plastic mass begins to peel off the bowl.

Why is it worth doing slime?

Slime for children is a plastic mass that is used for sensory play, i.e. one that develops sensory perception. Fun using slime primarily stimulates the development of the sense of touch. During kneading, the child exercises his proprioceptive system, which is responsible for choosing the right strength of movement, proper muscle tone as well as fluidity and coordination. Simply put – children with an underdeveloped proprioceptive system are considered clumsy, they do not like playing games and requiring dexterity.

Mentioning the advantages of slime it should be emphasized that by sticking, rolling or even carving out various shapes from snot – children train hand-eye coordination. While playing with this plastic smear, children also learn to focus and concentrate. Stimulated imagination triggers creativity – children surprise with ingenuity in the possibilities of using slims.

We hope that you will like our guide and try to make your own fluffy slime at home – you can be surprised at how fun it is to make it and play with that slime afterwards. Remember about storing your slime in the right place – otherwise, it can get damaged.