How to make slime without glue

How to make slime without glue

The kids are crazy about slime, which is colorful snots that can be played in different ways. How to make slime at home? Is this safe fun? And what is the phenomenon of colored snots? We explain the fun of plastic mass.

What is slime? What is it made of?

Slime is nothing more than combined in the right proportions: transparent school glue, laundry detergent and food coloring (or paint or glitter). That’s enough for the basic version and your first serious experiment! Stimulating curiosity of the world and gaining a wave of joy from self-creation – each of us who just built a tower from blocks or produced liquid for bubbles knows what I’m talking about here.

Of course, you do not have to use glue – there are other solutions like starch that can replace it. 

Let’s start with the fact that, like any other art, it requires mastery and patience at the beginning. When your children learn to make slimes based on basic recipes, the time will come for creative fun, modifications and creating their own recipes.

Due to the presence of detergent in the composition – the toy can not be put in the mouth (at least this basic version, it is interesting that there are slimes that are … edible!). For older children who are no longer interested in “trying” toys, borax will work to make snot, although special care is recommended when using it.

Making slime

Types of slimes

The number of slimes that can be created is huge! They can be single-colored “snots”, you can combine several colors to create one big mix, you can also add aroma and have an extremely fragrant goo! Popular are also those with beautifully shimmering brocade, as well as “shooting” ones, with the addition of small polystyrene balls. There are various slime names on the Internet. How to distinguish them?

  • Jiggly, or jelly-like, “shaking” plastic mass
  • Glossy, i.e. the one with the addition of shiny, colorful brocade
  • Crunchy, or snot, which “crunches” after adding small, styrofoam balls
  • Glibbi, a special, colorful powder that … changes the consistency of water! Yes, yes – bathing with him will be magical!

How to play slime?

This is a question parents usually think about, because children know perfectly how to play with slime! Different types of “snots” are different possibilities of their use! Making bubbles is very popular – just insert a plain straw into the formed shape and blow. Thanks to this you can create really big bubbles! In addition, slime can be crushed, kneaded, stretched, formed, rolled and much more … It all depends on the imagination, ideas and creativity of the youngest!

The richness of forms and colors of snots is a guarantee that children will forget boredom for a long time. There are also many other types of slime, but here we’ve included the most popular ones. Same with recipes – you can find a lot of them on the Internet. You can also add dyes, glitter and so on to your slime! Due to the positive impact of this game on the child’s development – you don’t have to (and can’t) be afraid of overdosing.